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* 個資使用聲明:本平台個人資訊僅供承辦單位使用。




活動地點: 勞動部勞動力發展署北基宜花金馬分署物聯網創客基地

報名人數: 上限35人,額滿為止。





*本表單蒐集之個人資料,僅限於活動辦理與聯繫使用目的存續期間所需之必要範圍與地區內,供業務相關人員處理及利用。您將享有個資法第3條規定的五項權利,並可至「銘傳大學個人資料保護專區」(進一步瞭解本校的個資管理政策、法規與個資連絡窗口。The information collected on this form is only used in the range and region required for the purposes of holding [activity]; the period of keeping the information on file is based upon the activity. You will have rights in accordance with Item 5, Article 3 of Personal Information Protection Act. Please refer to MCU Guidelines for Personal Information Protection Management and MCU Personal Information Management System at URL for further understanding of MCU personal information management policy, regulations and contact information.

日期 Date: 
03/17/2021 to 03/26/2021