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* 個資使用聲明:本平台個人資訊僅供承辦單位使用。


為增進全校師生對智慧財產權認知並落實校園保護智慧財產權之行動, 圖書館將於5/13-5/24舉辦智慧財產權微書展,並搭配"智財權在哪裡呢?"打卡活動,參與打卡即有機會獲得7-11$50元商品卡唷!
In order to promote a better understanding of intellectual property rights among MCU faculty members and students, the library will hold an Intellectual Property Micro Book Exhibition from 5/13 to 5/24, accompanied by a "Where is Intellectual Property?" check-in activity. Participating in the check-in activity gives you the chance to win a $50 7-11 gift card! 

  • 天天打卡,最多可累積12次抽獎機會(共抽出6名)。Checking in daily can accumulate up to 12 entries for the draw. (A total of 6 prize winners will be drawn.)

 參加對象: 全校教職員工生 
Active object:MCU faculty members and students 
Period: May 25 to May 24, 2024

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日期 Date: 
05/13/2024 to 05/24/2024