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  • WHAT IS 國科會大專學生專題研究計畫


  • HOW TO申請國科會大專學生專題研究計畫
  1. 申請資格→以全校三年級學生為主。每位教授(限專任教師或專案教師)至多指導2組學生。
  1. 申請期間→112年10月23日(一) 起至112年11月24日(五) 14:00止。
  1. 申請步驟→填妥本電子表單資料+ 填寫紙本申請單並繳交至高教深耕辦公室。







※電子表單申請與紙本繳交的最後截止日期均為112年11月24日(五) 14:00,請同學自行注意時間,逾時不候!



※如有任何問題,請與高教深耕計畫辦公室(台北校區A301) 郭老師聯繫,校內分機2541,








【NSTC Research Projects for College Students 】

In order to promote the atmosphere of independent learning, elevate students' willingness to actively pursue knowledge and bolster high-quality campus learning environments, the Higher Education Sprout Project encourages students to participate in "NSTC Research Projects for College Students" to express their research energy and achieve infinite possibilities. Regardless of future studies or employment, NSTC Research Projects for College Students is your springboard for success, allowing you to win from the starting block! This year, 151 projects from MCU were awarded grants, ranking top four among all universities in Taiwan. Under the university’s active promotion, the outstanding performance of MCU students can shine and receive the greatest returns. Everyone is welcome to participate in the grand event.


WHAT IS  NSTC Research Projects for College Students?

In order to promote early cultivation of outstanding research talents in basic science, applied science, and humanities and social sciences, the National Science and Technology Council of Executive Yuan encourages students from public and private colleges and universities to participate in special research projects, receive research training as soon as possible, experience research activities, learn research methods, and strengthen their practical abilities to implement experiments and projects.


How to apply for NSTC Research Projects for College Students

★ Application Qualifications: Mainly third-year students.

★ Application Period: October 23 (Monday) to November 24 (Friday)

★ Application steps: (2 document formats need to be completed: 1. eForm 2. Hard copy application form)  

Step 1. Fill out and complete eForm in MCU system

Step 2. Download “Application Form” under Higher Education Sprout Project Office website, complete the form and have your advising professor and Department Chair sign the form (Form content must be typed.)

Step 3. Submit the completed, signed application form to Higher Education Sprout Project Office (A301, Taipei campus)





日期 Date: 
10/23/2023 to 11/24/2023