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【Mental Health Speech/Service Learning Lecture on Taipei Campus】Cultivating Emotional Safety in Relationships

服務學習專題講座/Service Learning Lecture
Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Update on Nov 3, 2023:

Registration is closed, and waitlists are NOT available.

We appreciate your interest in this event and definitely look forward to having you next year!  


Do you sometimes feel unsure of how to express your feelings and needs to others?  Do you find it frustrating realizing that you seem to feel easily hurt by what your partner says to you but somehow feel stuck? To people in a romantic relationship or those that desire to have one, feeling emotionally safe is often one of the keys to establishing trust, which is essential in relationships, because without mutual trust, showing our authentic self and building deeper connections may just be impossible. But what it really means to feel emotionally safe? What does it take to foster a sense of security with ourselves and others? Come to this mental health speech to learn more about ourselves and how to take our relationship with others to the next level!


Topic of the Mental Health Speech: Cultivating Emotional Safety in Relationships

Time: 12:10-1:45pm, Wednesday, November 22, 2023 -- official leave OR service learning LECTURE granted by request (please see the form below)

Location: B901 (Taipei Campus)  

Guest Speaker: Vincent Wei-Ting Hsu, Licensed Counseling Psychologist

Who is this speech for? Students who are interested in this topic or hope to learn more about themselves. This speech will be given in English.


Please contact Ms. Pin-Chieh Lai via email  if you have any questions in regards to this event: Thank you!