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3. 結案時間:課程結束後十日內。

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[Higher Education Deepening Project] 113th Year Project Application - Course Deepening Project - Curriculum Enhancement


Dear faculty members,




The Higher Education Deepening Project is now open for applications for the "113th Year Curriculum Enhancement Project." We kindly request all faculty members to carefully read the following project application instructions and proceed to fill out the application on the eform system. The Office of the Higher Education Deepening Project will compile and review the application materials from each department and subsequently return the application forms to the respective departments for confirmation.

If you have any questions regarding the application process or project details, please contact Ms.Kuo Yen-chieh  at extension 2541.


Project Description:

The current curriculum design often follows a "shallow dish" approach. In order to achieve effective teaching and enhance student learning outcomes, an additional 1-credit non-lecture course that emphasizes teacher-student interaction and student-led discussions will be added to the existing curriculum. The additional 1-credit will be funded by the Higher Education Deepening Project and will not be included in the teacher's workload.


1.Funding: The funding will cover 1-credit course and 16 weeks of teaching workload, totaling NT$16,000.

*Please refer to the "Ming Chuan University Higher Education Deepening Project Funding Allocation Guidelines" ( for relevant application instructions.

2.Application period: From 9/25(Monday) 9:00 until 10/23(Monday) at 14:00.

3.Project Completion Deadline: Within ten days after the course ends.

4.Project Completion Report (electronic file to be submitted to the Moodle Higher Education Deepening Project section):  Please refer to the format at


This project will be submitted to and verified by the Office of the Higher Education Deepening Project.

日期 Date: 
09/25/2023 to 10/23/2023