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 [Higher Education Deepening Project] 113th Year Project Application - 01 - Course Innovation Project

Dear faculty members,




The Higher Education Deepening Project is now open for applications for the "113th Year  Course Innovation Project." We kindly request all faculty members to carefully read the following project application instructions and proceed to fill out the application on the eform system. The Office of the Higher Education Deepening Project will compile and review the application materials from each department and subsequently return the application forms to the respective departments for confirmation.

If you have any questions regarding the application process or project details, please contact Ms.Kuo Yen-chieh  at extension 2541.


Project Description:

1. Big data course innovation plan: The era of big data has arrived. In response to the big data data generated by the development of informatization and the Internet of Things, we will connect the big data analysis needs of domestic enterprises, governments and other institutions. We encourage teachers in our school to conduct courses on this topic. Design, manage activity competitions, produce teaching materials and other teaching-related activities.

2. Programming Curriculum Innovation Plan: In order to enhance students’ basic understanding of logical operations and programming, improve their information literacy and ability to use information technology, and cultivate the professional talents needed in the field of programming, teachers at our school are encouraged to conduct research on this topic. Curriculum design, organizing activity competitions, producing teaching materials and other teaching-related activities.

3. Artificial Intelligence Curriculum Innovation Plan: Several important areas of AI, including computing platforms, sensors, smart home appliances, robots, autonomous driving, etc., are definitely likely to become Taiwan’s next golden opportunity. All departments and units are encouraged to carry out teaching-related activities such as curriculum design, event competitions, and production of teaching materials on this topic.

4. Blockchain course innovation plan: Blockchain is emerging in the market, and many industrial applications are constantly innovating. Related knowledge education has become an indispensable infrastructure for students. Teachers in our school are encouraged to carry out teaching-related activities such as curriculum design, event competitions, and production of teaching materials on this topic.

5. High-tech curriculum innovation plan: The global demand for semiconductor chips has brought Taiwan’s high-tech manufacturing technology, industrial chain, and talents into the focus of international attention. In order to cultivate high-level scientific and technological talents in key national fields, such as chip design, semiconductors, and green Energy technology, biotechnology and medical care, etc. We encourage teachers in our school to carry out teaching-related activities such as curriculum design, competition competitions, and teaching materials production based on this topic.

6. Climate change and net-zero emission course innovation plan: The global net-zero emission wave and the trend of European and American carbon border adjustment mechanisms. The net-zero transformation is not only an environmental issue, but also an economic issue related to the international competitiveness of our industry. We encourage our school to In response to this topic, teachers carry out teaching-related activities such as curriculum design, event competitions, and production of teaching materials.



(1)Funding: Please fill out the business expenses and capital expenses separately. For each funding request, please follow the "Ming Chuan University Higher Education Deepening Project Funding Allocation Guidelines" ( for budget allocation. If you have any special requirements, please indicate them in the application materials.

(2)Application period: From 9/25(Monday) 9:00 until 10/23(Monday) at 14:00.

(3)Course Specifications: Innovative courses should be limited to undergraduate programs.

(4)Project Completion Deadline: All project accounts must be settled by October 31, 113th Year (Thursday). No applications will be accepted after this date. (Please submit the project completion report within 10 days after the event and provide the certificate within 15 days. For projects involving capital expenses, please complete acceptance and verification by August 31, 113th Year).

(5)Project Completion Report (electronic file to be submitted to the Moodle Higher Education Deepening Project section): Please refer to the format at

日期 Date: 
09/25/2023 to 10/23/2023