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【高教深耕計畫】113年度計畫申請-22-善盡社會責任(獨立計畫) [Higher Education Deepening Plan] 113th Annual Plan Application-22- Fulfilling Social Responsibility (Independent Project)




為落實社會責任之實踐,本校以三綠二植一共學為目標,三多培力機制為特色,發展智慧知識社區協作、深耕綠色環境人文、扶持區域經濟發展及厚植離島偏鄉共學等四項執行策略, 透過大數據、人工智慧、物聯網應用,以及關鍵能力培育,將大學與區域城鄉發展之在地連結,鼓勵教師帶領學生以跨科系、跨領域串聯的力量,走進社區、部落,與在地居民一起發掘問題,尋求解決方案,同時將課程結合場域議題與實作,以行動力履踐社會責任。


高教深耕計畫將開放申請「113年度高教計畫申請 善盡社會責任獨立計畫」,




































4. 結案時間:113年11月15日**

5. 結案報告(需繳交電子檔)及利害關係人調查表、活動人數調查表


 [Higher Education Deepening Plan] 113th Annual Plan Application-22- Fulfilling Social Responsibility (Independent Project)

Hello fellow teachers:

In order to implement the practice of social responsibility, our school aims at three greens, two plants and one community of students, and features three more training mechanisms, developing smart knowledge community collaboration, deeply cultivating green environment and humanities, supporting regional economic development, and cultivating community students in rural areas on outlying islands. This implementation strategy connects the university with regional urban and rural development through big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things applications, and key capability cultivation, and encourages teachers to lead students to enter the community with the power of cross-department and cross-field connections. , tribes, explore problems and seek solutions with local residents, and combine courses with field issues and practice to fulfill social responsibilities with action.


The Higher Education Deepening Program will open applications for the "113 Annual Higher Education Program Application, Independent Project to Fulfill Social Responsibility".

 Teachers and teachers are kindly requested to read the following program application instructions carefully and fill out the application in the eform system. The maximum limit for each case is 150,000 yuan (subject to final approval).

 If you have any questions about the program application method or program content, please contact us.

 Finally, the application form is sent back to each unit for confirmation. The Higher Education Deepening Planning Office will compile and review the application materials from each unit.


1. Topic: Please refer to the table below to select

Issue items


Refer to the corresponding SDGs goals

Local care

Care for the disadvantaged, high-quality education, digital learning companions, non-profit kindergartens, etc., senior learning, etc.

1. Eliminate poverty; 4. Quality education; 10. Reduce inequality

Sustainable environment

Disaster prevention, subsidence, extreme climate, water resource depletion, net-zero carbon emissions, underwater and terrestrial biological conservation, marine education, etc.

6. Clean water and sanitation; 7. Affordable and clean energy

13. Climate action; 14. Life under water; 15. Life on land

Industrial links and economic sustainability

Industrial development, employment and population improvement, food sustainability, etc.

2. Zero hunger; 8. Decent work and economic growth

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure; 12. Responsible consumption and production

Health promotion and food safety

Long-term care, food and agriculture education, food safety, nutritious lunches for primary and secondary schools, all-round health promotion for seniors, optimization of medical resources in rural areas, etc.

3. Good health and well-being

Cultural sustainability

Cultural preservation, promotion of local culture, preservation and restoration of cultural assets, aboriginal culture, multiculturalism, etc.

11. Sustainable cities and communities

Other social practices

Other characteristic issues with social practical implications.

5. Gender equality

16. Peace, justice and strong institutions


2. Funding: limited to business expenses. To apply for various funds, please follow the key points of the "Funding Standard Table for Mingchuan University Higher Education Deepening Plan (https://reurl.cc/GA97RG)". The maximum hourly fee is per hour. 2,000 yuan (2,000 yuan for off-campus students, 1,000 yuan for on-campus students); the maximum consulting fee is 2,000 yuan per person per day (off-campus only, not included on campus), work-study fee: 28 hours per person per month, 176 yuan per hour, limited to 3 applications, teaching materials The maximum recording fee is NT$6,000 per person (at least one teaching material must be provided); the accommodation fee is NT$100 per meal (lunch, dinner)

-Regular doors: hourly fee, consulting fee, work-study fee, teaching material cataloging fee (textbook file must be provided when signing receipt), board and lodging fee, printing fee, insurance fee, transportation fee, miscellaneous expenses, and item fee.


3. Application period: from now until 17:00 on October 25, 2023 (Wednesday)

4. Case closing time: November 15, 2024**

Case closing report (electronic file required) and stakeholder survey form, activity number survey form




日期 Date: 
09/25/2023 to 10/25/2023
基本資料 Basic information
請填寫協助執行/核銷窗口 Please fill in the assistance execution/write-off window
計畫資料 Project information
選填至少一項,至多四項 Select at least one item and at most four items
【須於113年11月30日以前執行完畢】 [Must be completed before November 30, 2024]
預計使用經費 Estimated use of funds
【請依循「銘傳大學高教深耕計畫經費編列基準表」要點進行編列】,其鐘點費以校外專家學者$2,000元/小時、校外老師$1,500元/小時及校內老師$1,000元/小時為上限。 [Please follow the key points of the "Ming Chuan University Higher Education Deepening Plan Funding Allocation Baseline Table"]. The hourly fee is capped at $2,000/hour for external experts and scholars, $1,500/hour for off-campus teachers, and $1,000/hour for on-campus teachers.
業務費(項目一) Business expenses (item 1)
請填寫 單價x數量 (如:1,200元x2小時) Please fill in the unit price x quantity (eg: NT$1,200 x 2 hours)
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