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【高教深耕計畫】113年度計畫申請-17-特色實驗室【Higher Education Sprout Project】 2024 Plan Application - 17 - Featured Lab





若對計畫申請方式或計畫內容有疑問,還請各位師長與我們聯繫(郁茹助理 分機2546)。


Dear faculty members,

The Higher Education Sprout Project is now open for applications for the "2024 Specialized Laboratory (Teaching and Research Equipment) Plan." We kindly request all faculty members to carefully read the following application instructions and submit their applications through the eform system. The Higher Education Sprout Project Office will consolidate and review the application materials from each department and eventually send approved documents back to each unit for confirmation. If you have any questions about the application process or the content of the plan, please feel free to contact us (Assistant Yuru at extension 2546).





1. 經費:採購之品項單價須在新台幣一萬元以上,且耐用年限在二年以上之各項儀器、機械及資訊設備(包含各項電腦設施、網路系統、週邊設備、套裝軟體需買斷授權或應用系統開發規劃設計)等,以及圖書館典藏之分類圖書。

2. 申請期間:即日起至112年10月23日(一)14:00止

3. 結案時間:113年08月31日前完成核銷,非此日期之前不受理(請於核銷後15天內繳交結案報告)。

4. 結案報告(需繳交電子檔):設備使用記錄、照片集錦、學生心得回饋。(格式請上高教深耕網站,文件下載區)

5. 所有教學研究設備之計畫(資本門)簽發核定單時皆須由院長簽名通過。

6. 請於開學後2週內提出請購單及執行簽,否則視同不執行。

7. 實際採購項目以採購組議價後內容為準。

8.  所有設備皆屬系所財產,非供單一個人使用。

9. 銘傳大學教學與研究設備補助辦法請參考 :


【Plan Description】:

Assist departments in purchasing professional equipment to enhance the foundation of teaching, combining curriculum equipment to provide students with practical field experience simulating workplace environments.

 1. Funding: The unit price of purchased items must be above 10,000 New Taiwan Dollars and have a durable lifespan of at least two years. This includes various instruments, machinery, information technology equipment (including computer facilities, network systems, peripheral devices, purchased licensed software, or application system development planning and design), as well as classified books in the library collection.

 2. Application Period: From now until October 23, 2023 (Monday) at 14:00 (2:00 PM).

 3.Closure Date: The verification process must be completed by August 31, 2024. Applications submitted after this date will not be accepted (please submit the closure report within 15 days after verification).

 4.Closure Report (electronic file submission required): Equipment usage records, photo compilation, and student feedback. (Please refer to the format on the Higher Education Sprout Project website in the document download section).

 5.All plans for teaching and research equipment (capital expenditure) must be signed and approved by the Dean.

 6.Please submit the purchase requisition and execute the signature within two weeks after the start of the school; otherwise, it will be considered non-compliance.

 7.The actual purchase items are subject to negotiation by the procurement team.

 8.All equipment is the property of the department and is not for the exclusive use of an individual.

 9.For the regulations on equipment subsidies for Ming Chuan University's teaching and research, please refer to:

日期 Date: 
09/25/2023 to 10/23/2023