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【高教深耕計畫】113年計畫申請-13-國際學者 【Higher Education sprout project 】2024Annual Program Application-13-International Scholar


【Higher Education sprout project 】2024Annual Program Application-13-International Scholar


各位師長 您好:




Dear Commanders, 

The Higher Education Program will open applications for the "2024 International Scholars Program" Please read the application instructions below and fill in the application in the eForm system.

The Office of Higher Education Intensive Cultivation Program will compile and review the application materials of each unit, and finally send the application form back to each unit for confirmation.

If you have any questions about the application method or content of the plan, please contact us (ext  2545)




1. 經費:外國人來台旅費(含機票費及日支費,機票費採實報實銷,日支費須扣稅,並於活動結束後3日內完成報稅證明提供高教深耕辦公室),各經費之申請,請依循「銘傳大學高教深耕計畫之經費編列基準表(」要點進行編列。

2. 申請期間:即日起至112年10月23日(一)下午14:00止。

3. 結案時間:113年10月31日前核銷完成。(請於活動結束後3天內完成核銷,15天內繳交結案報告)。

4. 結案報告(需繳交電子檔):講座相關資訊、國際學者資料、講座講義、照片集錦及學生心得回饋。


【Plan Description】

Invite international scholars to set up courses or give lectures to share and exchange teaching experience with each other, and bring international development trends and trends, promote international exchanges between teachers and students, exchange and interaction between industry and academia, expand students' horizons, and achieve win-win results in international academic exchanges.

1. Expenses: Foreigners' travel expenses to Taiwan (including air ticket expenses and daily expenses, air ticket expenses are reimbursed in fact, daily expenses must be deducted from tax, and tax declaration certificates shall be completed within 3 days after the end of the activity and provided to the Office of Higher Education and Deep Cultivation) Fee Compilation Benchmark Table ( "Points are listed.

2. Application period: From now until 14:00 noon on Monday, October 23, 2023.

3. Closure time: Write-off completed before October 31, 2024. Complete the write-off within 3 days, and submit the closing report within 15 days)

4. Case closing report (electronic documents required): lecture related information, international scholar information, lecture notes, photo collection and student feedback.




日期 Date: 
09/12/2023 to 10/23/2023