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【高教深耕計畫】113年度計畫申請-18-教學創新精進 【Higher Education Sprout Project Office】2024 Annual Plan Application - Teaching Innovation and Improvement


【Higher Education sprout project office】2024 Annual Plan Application - Teaching Innovation and Improvement.




若對計畫申請方式或計畫內容有疑問,還請各位師長與我們聯繫(瑄儀助理 分機2545)。

Hello Teachers,

The Higher Education Intensive Scheme will open for application for "2024 Independent Plan A – Teaching Innovation and Improvement" Teachers are kindly requested to read the following application instructions and fill in the application in the eForm system. The Office of Higher Education Intensive Cultivation Program will compile and review the application materials of each unit, and finally send the application form back to each unit for confirmation.


If you have any questions about the application method or content of the program, please contact us (Xuanyi Assistant Extension 2545)




※Program Description:


Independent Program A – Teaching Innovation Excellence Program is divided into the following strategies:




1. 經費:業務費及資本門請分開填寫,各經費之申請,請依循「銘傳大學高教深耕計畫經費編列基準表(」要點進行編列,如有特殊需求請另於申請資料中提出。

2. 申請期間:即日起至112年10月23日(一)下午14:00止。

3. 結案時間:113年10月31日(四)前核銷完成,非此日期之前不受理。(請於活動結束後3天內完成核銷,15天內繳交結案報告;申請資本門經費之計畫,請於113年8月31日以前完成驗收與核銷)

4. 結案報告(需繳交電子檔):課程內容、照片集錦及學生心得回饋。

1.Funds: Please fill in the business expenses and capital gates separately, and the application for each fund should follow the "Benchmark Table for Funding of the Higher Education and Cultivation Program of Ming Chuan University ("the main points are listed, if you have special needs, please mention them separately in the application materials.

2. Application period: From now until 14:00 noon on Friday, October 23, 2023.

3. Closure time: Completion of write-off before October 31, 2024, not subject to CC/R68VEK)". Complete the write-off within 3 days, and submit the closing report within 15 days; For the application for capital funds, please complete the acceptance and write-off by 31 August 2024)


4. Case Closure Report (electronic documents required) Feed.



日期 Date: 
09/12/2023 to 10/23/2023