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【研究發展處公告】111學年度獎勵教師指導學生參與競賽即日起受理申請2022-23AY“Encouraging Faculty Members to Advise Students in Competitions” is now open for application



敬祝  教學研究順利
研發處 敬啟
Dear colleagues,
Academic year 2022-23 "Encouraging Faculty Members to Advise Students in Competitions" is open for applications (for competition achievements in 2021-22AY) in accordance with "Ming Chuan University Procedures for Encouraging Faculty Members to Advise Students in Competitions." Faculty who are willing to apply, please fill out the application form (attachment 2) and prepare relevant proof and supporting documents as stipulated in the procedures. After being approved by your unit director, send the application documents to Department, and School Affairs Committee Meeting for review. 
School secretaries, please collect the reviewed and approved applications and send to Ms. Hung, Chi-Chun of Research and Development Division before September 29th (Thursday). Research and Development Division will send the documents to MCU Review Committee for review.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Hung, Chi-Chun of Research and Development Division ( or ext. 2653). Thank you.
Best regards,
Research and Development Division


  1. 申請教師請於111年8月1日起向系所提出申請。
  2. 系(所)、院務會議審查後,敬請各院秘書協助於111929()前擲交審查通過之申請案至研發處彙整。
  3. 本表單蒐集之個人資料,僅限於獎勵教師及校務研究之目的使用,非經當事人同意,絕不轉做其他用途,亦不會公佈任何資訊,並遵循本校資料保存與安全控管辦理。(詳細個資管理可參閱「銘傳大學個人資料保護管理要點」與「銘傳大學個人資料保護專區」 )
  1. Faculty members who would like to apply, please apply to your department from
    August 1st, 2022.
  2. After being reviewed at department, and School Affairs Committee Meeting, School secretaries are to please collate the reviewed and approved applications and send to Research and Development Division before September 29th (Thursday), 2022
  3. The personal information collected from this form is exclusively for the purpose of encouraging faculty members and university affairs research. Without the permission of the applicant, the data will not be shared for any other purpose. No data will be shared publicly; all data will be managed in accordance with MCU data archive and security control procedures.
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