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* 個資使用聲明:本平台個人資訊僅供承辦單位使用。



1.Meeting Title: 2023-24AY 2nd Semester Class Sanitation Coordinator Meeting

二、時  間:113年3月14日(星期四)十二時

2.Date and time: 12:00 noon, March 14,2024 (Thursday)

三、地  點:B401教室

Venue: Classroom B401


Participants: Class Sanitation Coordinators. Those who fail to attend the meeting must sign in at the Campus Health Service Section.


(We will prepare lunch boxes for all participants. If class sanitation coordinators are not able to attend the meeting, they are requested to send someone else in their place and have them collect relevant materials.)

五、聯絡老師:護士 張明璇

 Contact person: Nurse Chang, Min-Hsuan

日期 Date: 
02/27/2024 to 03/11/2024