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* 個資使用聲明:本平台個人資訊僅供承辦單位使用。


Course Content: What should you do when you are writing a thesis or report without any idea of how to find information?
What should you do when you click on the Library homepage but have no idea how to search for and retrieve resources? 
Don’t worry; the Library has arranged instruction on use of multiple e-databases to assist you in collecting information.
The Library is going to assist you in understanding the library resources, as well as using search and retrieve functions for collecting information. 
All faculty members and students are welcome to join us. 
Please register now to solve the problems troubling you. 
二、遇當日臨時有事不克前往者,請事先e-mail至 告知,請勿臨時無故缺席,謝謝您的配合!
1.Please be reminded that the deadline of registration for each education training is the day before the course, so that the Library can send learners notification before the course and conduct related processing. Sorry for any inconvenience. 
2. Applicants who are not able to attend the course at the last minute, please e-mail a notification to: prior to the course time. Please not be absent without any special reason. Thanks for your cooperation!
日期 Date: 
02/23/2022 to 07/31/2022