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【Taipei Campus】Career Consultation Reservation Form

Friday, February 16, 2024 to Thursday, May 30, 2024



Hello Students,

Do you want to know more about your career prospects? Or are you now facing the following issues?


  • Feel unfamiliar with and at loss about future options for your major
  • Wondering whether to pursue further study or directly enter the job market
  • Type of jobs that suit my personality
  • Suitability of my personality to start a business
  • Unclear about how to write my resume and biography
  • Desire to inquire about job finding skills

Activity introduction:

  • Aside from arranging administration of UCAN career aptitude survey, the Career Development Center of Career Planning and Counseling Division also cooperates with departmental career consultants and Career Consulting Co. Ltd to organize the “On-site Career Consultation” activity.
  • In this activity, the staff of the Center will arrange career consultants to consult on career-related questions raised by the students. If needed, the Career Personality Aptitude System-CPAS test can be administered.
  • The professional career consultant group is led by the chairwoman of Career Consulting Co. Ltd, Cristina Ongg. The consultant group has rich industry knowledge and career consulting experience to help you understand your personal characteristics, career interests, career suitability, and the world of work.
  • Career Personality Aptitude System-CPAS test (market price 600 NTD), career consultation service (market price 2,000 NTD) are provided free of charge through the Career Development Center. This is a limited offer; reservations will be closed when all vacancies are taken! Move fast to make your one-on-one career consultation reservation.

Appointment times: Students from International College can arrange for consultants’ session for the School.

Limited availability, make an appointment as soon as possible!

Notes for activity:

  1. When registering, please elaborate on your current career development or career planning related issues. If more information is needed after review, an initial discussion will be arranged separately.
  2. Career consultants will arrive on campus based on appointment time. Please provide 3 available class periods when you do not have classes or can apply for official leave. (Since the consultation may be delayed, it is recommended to allow a longer time. If you have classes scheduled during the consultant session, you can apply for official leave after the consultation.)
  3. After completing the reservation, please check your E-mail for the scheduled consultation time. Please do not be absent for the scheduled initial meeting or consultation. If you cannot attend the session due to an important matter, please be sure to notify us two days in advance.
  4. Each consultation session is 50~60 minutes in principle, once per week. Each person is limited to two sessions per semester, the number of sessions may be extended according to individual circumstances.

Contact person:Career Development Center,Ms. Chen,Yan-An.

◎ In order to cooperate with the epidemic containment measures, students are required to wear masks throughout the process.

◎ Participating in the whole consultation process meets the Ten Pillars Education requirement for Employment.

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