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【教務處】銘傳大學109學年度(跨)外校生暑修二期申請表 Online application for students from other colleges/universities wishing to enroll in Ming Chuan University Summer Session II

         因受疫情影響,原定現場辦理的(跨)外校生暑二期選課改採線上預先申請,相關事宜及費用請參考「銘傳大學外校生跨校暑修二期注意事項,開課資訊請參考「暑修二期課程。開放線上申請時間為 7/8 上午8:30 至 7/13 下午16:00截止,申請完成不代表選課成功。個人申請資料經審查無誤後,且尚有未滿班級名額可供加選時,本校承辦人員將會於7/20 下以電子郵件方式通知選課結果及繳費方式。繳費期限為 7/20 下午 至 7/21,僅限至台北富邦銀行臨櫃繳費,或ATM或網路轉帳 (不可超商、信用卡繳費)。請確實填寫基本資料,如有內容不實、檔案不清晰、資料不齊或逾期申請者,一概不予受理。如有暑修選課相關問題請洽,台北校區課務組分機:2252或、桃園校區教務組分機:3130或
        Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, course selection will be conducted through online application for students from other colleges/universities wishing to enroll in Summer Session II.  More information about course selection and tuition and fees, please check here. The course schedule for Summer Session II, please check here. The online application period is open from 08:30, July 8 through 16:00, July 13. Please note that this submission does not mean your course selection is completed successfully. After the application is reviewed and the course has an available seat, applicants will receive an official email from the Curriculum Section on July 20. Simultaneously, qualified applicants will be informed how to pay the tuition fee. The payment period is limited to July 20 through July 21, and qualified applicants are only restricted to paying at Taipei Fubon Bank or through ATM transfer. For online application or payment not made by the deadline or for applicants don’t follow regulations stated above or found to have misrepresented information, the right to enroll in Summer Session courses is forfeited. If you have any further queries regarding summer session selection, please do not hesitate to contact us. Curriculum section at Taipei campus: ext.2252 or Email:, Academic Affairs Section at Taoyuan campus: ext.3130 or Email:
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05/23/2021 to 05/25/2021