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* 個資使用聲明:本平台個人資訊僅供承辦單位使用。

【資訊能力檢定】英文輸入 選用替代方案報名~~第九梯次 Flexible certification plan-English Typing ~~ Session 9

~~ 請先登入系統方可報名。欲選用彈性實施方案者須先報名,未報名者無法參加。 ~~ 

~~~   Login first !!  Students who would like to take this test should register first. Those who fail to register cannot take the test.

因應COVID-19疫情特殊狀況,限109學年應屆畢業生及延修生,無法完成畢業資訊能力檢定,可選擇完成資訊學院所指定之題目,完成後 將測驗最後畫面上傳至

Due to the special situation of COVID-19 epidemic, this flexible certification plan is only applicable for 2020-21 AY graduates and students in extended study period who have not yet completed the graduation requirement of information technology proficiency assessment (Office). These students may choose to complete the assigned questions of School of Information Technology to pass the graduation standard on time.

After answering all the questions, upload the file to within the designated time.

第六梯次報名期間:2021/8/13(五) 至 2021/8/15(日)

Registration period:2021/8/13(Fri.) to 2021/8/15(Sun.)


Qualification review and email notice sent out:2021/8/16(Mon.) 

測驗畫面檔(.jpg檔)上傳:2021/8/20(五) 前完成測驗,並將測驗最後畫面(如下圖)上傳至逾時未繳交,視同放棄

 Time to upload completed file for Session 9: 

Complete the test and upload the zip file to before Thursday 2021/8/20. Late submissions will not be accepted.

    <畫面一>    Figure 1                                                                  <畫面二>     Figrue 2

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08/13/2021 to 08/15/2021